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The Symposium' Program
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Friday november 9th

Session 1 : News

Moderator: Philippe Le Van  




1:30 pm Protocol introduction
1:45 pm Introduction – Intersport Issues of Concussion Philippe Le Van
 2:00 pm Pathophysiology Jean Chazal
 2:30 pm International application of recommendations Martin Raferty
3:00 pm Application of recommendations in France (epidemiology) Philippe Decq
4:00 pm News and literature review: Presentation from Berlin to today Mathieu Abbot



Session 2: Return to play: Rugby and other sports

Moderators :  Thierry Hermerel (first part)  & Alain Calmat (second part)



 Time  Session  Speakers
4:30 pm Definition of return to play: What is play? Didier Retière
4:50 pm Problem and criticism of return to play Ross Tucker
5:10 pm

Protecting players as a union

Robins Tchale-Watchou
5:25 pm

Blue card: stop immediate return to play?

Franck Maciello
5:40 pm Vision and attitude of other sports – Handball Lior Laver
5:55 pm

Vision and attitude of other sports – Hockey

Mark Aubry
6:10 pm

Vision and attitude of other sports – Ski

  • Marie-Philippe Rousseaux-Blanchi
  • Stéphane Bulle
 6:25 pm

Vision and attitude of other sports – Boxing

Jean-Louis Llouquet
 6:40 pm

Vision and attitude of other sports – Motor Bike

Kraenzler Reinhard
6:10 pm

Vision and attitude of other sports – Soccer

Emmanuel Orhant

Saturday november 10th

Session 3: Update on criteria allowing return

Moderator: Jean-Marc Monteil





8:30 am Contribution of clinical and neuro-psychological tests Elsa Dionet
 9:00 am Contribution of imaging Betty Jean
9:30 am Contribution of biomarkers Vincent Sapin
10:00 am Contribution of EEG Jacques Touchon


Session 4: Contribution of nutrition and rehabilitation

Moderator: Bernard Dusfour




11:00 pm

Psychological management of concussion

Vincent Gouttebarge
11:30 am Interest of nutrition and Pharmacology Stephane Walrand
 12:00 am Interest of neurovision Romain Bordas
12:30 am Vestibular rehabilitation Emmanuel Coudeyre


Review session




1:00 pm Ministry synthesis Gilles Einsargueix
1:15 pm Symposium synthesis Jean-Marc Monteil